Squirrel Cam

Squirrel Cam: a day in the life of a London tree surgeon, filmed by Red Squirrel Tree Surgery.  

Operating in and around West London, Red Squirrel Tree Surgery are a team of trained and experienced tree surgeons who take pride in their work. We armed some of the team with cameras to provide a unique view from the point of the tree surgeon. Watch our tree surgery videos for examples of some of our work. Our videos also give a spectacular view from the top of London’s trees!

You can also follow our Squirrel Cam on YouTube to get up close with our tree surgeons and their work. 

London Plane Cut Back in Hampstead

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery was called to cut back this London plane tree. The client was wishing to remove the severe overhang of their neighbours tree from their garden. London plane trees tolerate large reductions extremely well, and so each of the overhanging limbs was removed and carefully lowered to the ground using rigging techniques. London looks great from the top of a tall tree!

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Beech Tree Fell in Ealing

This monster beech tree in Ealing was removed over the course of 3 days.  Unfortunately we only had the Squirrel Cam for Day 1 of this large dismantle. Due to the gardens beneath, each piece of this giant tree had to be lowered to the ground using specialised rigging equipment.

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First Stage of a London Plane Tree removal in Vauxhall

First stage of a London plane tree removal in Vauxhall. In this video the team basically create a pollard, as they work towards the removal of this large plane tree. We can cover any pollarding situation you might have.

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Fallen Pittosporum Removal in Chelsea

The Red Squirrel team was called to remove this pittosporum which had blown over into the neighbouring front garden and broken the fence. The tree was obstructing the pavement and needed to be removed quickly!

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Red Squirrel Tree Surgery, Experts in all Aspects of Tree Work!

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in West London, Red Squirrel are here to help! Whatever service you need, be that a tree reduction, tree removal, stump removal or tree planting, you can be sure that the work is done by a fully qualified and professional company. Red Squirrel are Arboricultural Association approved contractors. We are also both CHAS and TrustMark accredited, and cover all areas. From Edgware and Finchley in North London, through Ruislip. We also cover Pinner, Watford, Ealing and Chelsea, down to Twickenham and Kingston in South London.

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Emergency Tree Work in Hampstead

The Red Squirrel team were called to dismantle this ash tree due to severe root decay. They used heavy rigging techniques to lower large sections of the tree to the ground in a controlled manner where the ground team were waiting to process it all.

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Lombardy Poplar Reduction in Harrow

The Red Squirrel team were called to reduce the height of this poplar tree in Harrow, to allow more light into the house and garden. From this view you can see the sway of the branches (and climber!) as the wind picks up!

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Western Red Cedar Removal in Hounslow, West London

Watch the Red Squirrel team working with precision (and speed!) to remove this Western red cedar in Hounslow, West London.
As experienced London tree surgeons, the Red Squirrel team are highly skilled in completing tree work within small urban gardens. This can be above or surrounded by delicate structures or furnishings. If you are in need of a tree surgeon in West London do not hesitate to call Red Squirrel on 020 3509 0108!

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