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If you’re looking for reliable tree surgeons in Watford, Red Squirrel Tree Surgery is a company you know you can trust. Our years of experience and high standard of work has helped to build our reputation as one of Hertfordshire’s most established tree surgeries.

While trees are a great addition to a garden, property or public area, they can pose a serious health and safety threat if not carefully maintained. If you’re worried that one of your trees might be dying or diseased, there are several ways our tree surgeons in Watford can tackle the issue.

We’ll always try our best to salvage a tree, so we may recommend a crown reduction to cut away dead branches and leaves that may be infecting the trunk. If the case is more severe, we might recommend pollarding, which is when a tree is drastically cut to help give it a second life. For the worse scenarios, we can remove your tree in Watford, and will do so with as little disruption its surroundings as possible.

What services do our tree surgeons in Watford offer?

Crown reduction in Watford

Tree pruning in Watford

Tree felling in Watford

Tree planting in Watford

Ivy removal in Watford

Tree stump removal and grinding in Watford

Pollarding in Watford

Hedge trimming in Watford

Tree swing installation and tree house preparation in Watford

Tree lighting in Watford

Tree reports and maintenance programs in Watford

Tree recycling in Watford

Emergency tree work in Watford

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