Do you have a tree that is in a tight place, and needs very careful felling in Acton, Looking for Tree Surgeons in Acton? If you do, and you’re in South West or West London, you should call us. Covering all of Acton, Wimbledon, Putney, Battersea, Wandsworth, Chelsea, Kensington, Hampstead, Barnes, Richmond, Mortlake, Kew, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Ealing. Our team of experienced Acton London Tree Surgeons works to British Standards, and has plenty of expertise in section felling in Acton.

When you’re looking for an experienced tree company in Acton, look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. We provide all kinds of tree care services to private commercial clients throughout the capital. Red Squirrel have 12 years’ experience in tree surgery in Acton.  We possess the tools, skills and expertise needed to provide a outstanding tree care service. From tree pollarding to felling to stump removal, the team are best-placed to meet your needs.

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Tree Surgeons in Acton

Are you looking for a first class tree surgeon in Acton, W3?  Then look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery for your requirements.

Based in Shepherds bush, our team of experienced and fully insured arborists are fully experienced, equipped and qualified to tackle every aspect of tree surgery in Acton, West London and its surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding in Acton

Is there a tree stump in your garden in Acton that you want to get rid of? Red Squirrel Tree Surgery can remove any tree stumps in W3. Equipped with the latest model stump grinder, we will get rid of any tree stump by grinding it down with the stump grinders special carbine tipped teeth. We then back fill the hole where the stump was, using rich nutrients mulch. These can be spread around your gardens flower beds in Acton.  Most importantly you can then re plant in the area or use as you wish!

Tree Surgeons in Acton

Red Squirrel Surgery can provide an estimate for works in Acton within an hour of contacting us.  You will then be booked in to remove or fell, pollard any tree that is causing a problem in Acton, W3.  We also will handle all of the liaising with local authorities that you require free of charge.  Even if the tree is straight felled from the ground or section felled using lowering and rigging equipment, you can be assured that we will carry out the work exactly as per your requirements in Acton.  

Tree Pruning in Acton

Whatever species of tree that you require pruning in Acton this is a day to day job for Red Squirrel Tree Surgery.  Therefore we have a few great examples of trees that we have pruned in Acton, W3.  Every tree will be individually surveyed and pruned accordingly.  You can be assured that we remove any weak, dead, crossing or suppressed branches.  Therefore this will ensure that your trees remain healthy and look their best.

We deal with all types of trees whether they bear fruit, flowers or just leaves and seeds in the Acton and surrounding areas of London.

For more information, or to arrange a site visit, for a Tree Surgeon in Acton please call 0203 509 0108, email us at or complete our online form.