Do you need trusted Rickmansworth London Tree Surgeons? If you are looking for one in West London, including Rickmansworth, have a look at Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. We operate in and around London, and covering Rickmansworth as well as Ealing Battersea, Wandsworth, Camden Kensington, Uxbridge and Hammersmith.  

We also cover Barnes, Mortlake, Kensinglton, Hammersmith, Harrow, Ealing, Pinner, W4, and W5. Our company are staffed by a expert team of experienced and insured tree surgeons. We think that we’ve seen most tree problems in Rickmansworth, and not very much about trees surprises us anymore!  Therefore contact us for your Tree Surgery in Rickmansworth needs.

Our team do all kinds of tree works in Rickmansworth. If a tree needs felling, and the space around it is limited by other trees or house, we will usually use section felling, where we carefully cut down a tree in sections in Rickmansworth. First of all if there is space, we can do straight felling. Rickmansworth London Tree Surgeons also do stump removal and pruning to tidy up trees.

We can provide a tree planting service if you have a area you want to look beautiful. Therefore whatever the work, we will do it in a way that minimises damage to the tree and surroundings. Most of all our work is done in accordance with British Standards guidelines in the Rickmansworth area.

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Tree Surgeons in Rickmansworth

We are often asked what a tree surgeon is and whether or not we are doctors. Tree surgeons or arborists, to give us our technical name, do many services in Rickmansworth. But essentially we are involved in the care and maintenance of trees.

Do you have issues with trees in Rickmansworth? If you need a tree felling, or pruning, it’s best to hire tree cutting specialists, as it can be a dangerous job. Are you looking for an insured and experienced tree surgeon in Rickmansworth? Red Squirrel Tree Surgery can therefore cater for all your needs.

Based in Shepherds bush, our team of qualified, experienced and fully insured tree surgeons are fully equipped and qualified to tackle any type of tree work.  We cover London including Tree Surgeons in Rickmansworth and its surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding in Rickmansworth

A stump cutter or stump grinder is a power tool or equipment attachment.  This removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood. Stump grinders can be the size of a lawn mower or as large as a truck if you need a stump removing in your garden in Rickmansworth.  We can carry out this work securely with all the knowledge required for the work to be done safely in Rickmansworth.

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We use all the latest grinding equipment by reducing the stump down, then back filling the hole where the stump was.  People often do not realise that nutrients from stump mulch can be put around your gardens flower beds in Rickmansworth to promote healthy plant growth.

Tree Pruning in Rickmansworth
Pruning is a horticultural and silvicultural job involving the selective removal of parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots in Rickmansworth. You can prune plants for deadwood removal, shaping, improving or maintaining health or reducing risk from falling branches.  Every tree will be uniquely surveyed and pruned accordingly, In nature, meteorological conditions such as wind, ice and snow, and salinity can cause plants to self-prune. This natural shedding is called abscission.  But trees also need ahelp from us humans to stay healthy, disease free and in shape in Rickmansworth.
Ivy Removal in Rickmansworth
Ivy can be a pretty addition to any garden however, once established, ivy stems spread fast.  It can become highly invasive to other plants and trees. As ivy climbs in Rickmansworth, it may look ‘fairy tale’ romantic.  But when left unattended, ivy can crawl, creep and spread its way around your garden in Rickmansworth, taking over everything in its path.  You can really be hard when trimming and pruning Ivy as it will replace itself in time for the summer. Then the garden will look as attractive as possible.  Ivy can cause major damage to structures if it is not maintained correctly. Therefore ivy should be reduced, trimmed or removed in the Rickmansworth area.