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Red Squirrel Tree Surgery has moved into a larger drey in Harrow!

See some of our Latest Tree Surgery London News.  After 6 years of hard work Red Squirrel Tree Surgery has outgrown its depot in Wimbledon and has moved to a larger premises in Harrow.  This move has given us the space to expand, and therefore allowed us to serve more of London’s tree surgery needs!

We continue to cover South West London, including Wimbledon, Kingston, Twickenham and Richmond.  Also we now also serve North West London up to Watford and Rickmansworth, including, Bushey, Pinner, Northwood and Ruislip.

After years of providing professional and expert tree surgery services in South West and West London we gained a reputation as the tree surgeons in Ealing and Hounslow. We are now keen to gain the same great reputation here in Harrow and the surrounding North West London areas.

Emergency tree surgery in Harrow is now made easy, as Red Squirrel Tree Surgery are just around the corner.  We have an emergency team on callout 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We can now attend, and deal with, any emergency tree scenario within Harrow, Bushey, Pinner and Ruislip in record time.  You can rest assured that your tree emergency will be handled by professionals. We have years of experience dealing with anything from broken limbs and splits to completely fallen trees.

Do you need a tree surgeon in Harrow, or require expert tree surgery in Pinner?   Do not hesitate to give Red Squirrel Tree Surgery a call on 0203 509 0108. We are able to provide free and friendly advice on any tree related problem.  So book your appointment now with one of our Red Squirrel surveyors!

Arboricultural Association Approval

We have just been approved by the Arboricultural Association following a very intense assessment and full audit of Red Squirrel Tree Surgery.

Its taken us 2 years to get in place everything that is required for the scheme.  Therefore we are all very proud and delighted that we are now fully approved arboricultural contractors.

The Arboricultural Association is recognised worldwide and by the government, allowing us to complete work for councils and other public organisations.

The Life Cycle of a Tree

Like all living things, trees have a finite life.  Some live just a few decades while others may survive for hundreds of years; a few vulnerable specimens can claim to have seen out several millennia.  However, whatever the life expectancy of a tree, it will pass through a series of reasonably well-defined stages.  This is in much the same way other flowering plants do.

A trees life begins when a seed germinates. The first pair of leaves to emerge are simple and they are quite unlike the true leaves of the tree or shrub.  They are derived from the cotyledons that contain the seed’s food store. These first leaves contain chlorophyll and can photosynthesise.  Thus supplying the tiny seedling with its first food made from sunlight energy. 

Tiny seedlings are vulnerable to environmental pressures such as grazing, drought and trampling for example.   Few seedlings make it to the next stage of life.

Great Value for Money.

During their heyday years, native deciduous tree species follow and indeed mirror the four seasons experienced by Britain and Ireland. They are leafless and seemingly lifeless during the winter months. But the sap begins flowing in spring and soon fresh leaves appear followed by flowers. The leaves mature, the fruits form, in summer the foliage losing some of the fresh green colour it had in spring. 

With the approach of autumn, nutrients are withdrawn from the leaves.  This results in colour change and eventually in late autumn they fall covering the ground below as we all see.

In the natural course of events, all tress eventually come to the end of their lives.  Although in the case of Pedunculate Oak and several other native species, this can be after several hundred years of life. However, sooner or later often as the result of disease and damage the tree begins to die back. The appearance of fungal fruiting bodies on the trunk is often a sign that all is not well.  This canshow the process of decline and decay has begun.  

From an ecological perspective there is something life-affirming about this process.  In the absence of man’s intervention, nothing goes to waste.  All the nutrients from the venerable old tree enrich the soil.   This is thanks to insect attack and fungal decay therefore creating ideal conditions for the next generation of trees.

Did you ever wonder what a tree is?

You would never doubt an oak is a tree, but would a juniper of creeping willow, also qualify, or are they merely shrubs?  One feature common to both trees and shrubs is that their stems increase in thickness each year by the laying down of internal layers of wood tissue in the form of concentric rings.  This secondary thickening builds up year by year to increase the diameter of the stem.  This gives a permanent record of the age of the tree or shrub.

Trees are generally considered to have a single main stem of 5m or more in height with a branching crown above this. Whereas shrubs may have many stems arising at ground level and may not normally reach the height of a tree.

Trees do not belong to a single family of plants, many plant families are represented and some.  Like the Fabaceae, commonly known as the pea, bean or legume family,  and Rosaceae, of the rose family.  Also include many herbaceous plants and shrubs as well as large trees.

Professional Tree Care Services.

The plant kingdom is divided into two main classes, the Gymnosperms and the Angiosperms.  The primitive of these two is the Gymnosperms which means ‘naked seeds’.  This is the ovule is borne on a bract and not includes in a seedpod or case. This class includes the Maidenhair Tree and all the conifers or cone bearing trees.

Angiosperm means ‘hidden seeds’ and refers to the way the seeds are contained inside an ovary, i.e. a structure that may later develop into a seedpod or fruit.  This large class includes many well-known plant families.  Some of which are mostly made up from herbaceous plants and some of which are mostly composed of trees.  The Lime and Elms, for example are mostly trees whilst trees feature in only one of many genera in the Foxglove family.

You can see from this small article that there is so much to know about trees and shrubs.  Therefore it is vital to get a qualified and experienced tree surgeon to carry out any work you might need.  Whether it is felling, stump removal, pollarding, pruning or tree planting in and around the South and West London area.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery – 18th July 2014

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery is a arboricultural contacting company like no other. We are based in West London but cover South West, North West, West and surrounding boroughs. We always strive to provide high quality tree work to the highest standards.  Our customers are greatly valued and we always aim to provide top quality customer care along with professional tree care.

Our client portfolio ranges from parks, golf courses, property management companies, schools, and domestic tree care management.

We have clients in Chiswick and surrounding areas such as Ealing, Richmond and Hammermsith. Most of our day to day tree work is based in West London.  But we do complete high quality tree surgery as far as Twickenham, Uxbridge, Kingston and Barnet.

We cover all aspects of tree surgery such as:

Tree felling, tree reducing, tree lifting, crown thinning, tree planting, hedge trimming and stump grinding.

All of our team are trained and experienced tree surgeons and we are all very respectful of trees and their inhabitants. All tree work is carried out to BS3998 standards and we are approved by the Arboricultural Association.

This will enable us, as tree surgeons, to be selected to supply local authorities such as Hammersmith and Fulham.  As well as Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Ealing, Hounslow and Wandsworth councils.

When choosing a tree surgeon, always do your homework.  As there are so many cowboys out there that are only interested in one thing, your money!

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery has hundreds of reviews on Checkatrade and Trustatrader, please feel free to have a read.

Tree Companies in Ealing – 19th May 2014

When you’re looking for an experienced tree company in Ealing, look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. This established company provides a wide range of tree care services to private commercial clients throughout the capital. Whether you’re in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond or Twickenham, get in touch today for a competitive quote.

The company has 12 years’ experience in its field.  We possesses the tools, skills and expertise needed to give a first class tree care service. From tree pruning to felling to planting, the team are best-placed to meet your needs.

Great Value for Money.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery always gains top feedback from its clients.  This is a result of the team’s ability to deliver a high-quality service that represents great value for money. The company believes that its customers deserve the best service possible, however, it also believes that it shouldn’t have to pay over the odds for it. This is why it tries to keep its prices as affordable as possible.

To learn more about Red Squirrel and its services simply visit the website. Or to discuss your needs with one of the friendly team don’t hesitate to call 0203 509 0108.

Tree Surgery West London – 11th May 2014

When you’re looking for a top tree surgeon in London, don’t make the mistake of hiring the first company that you come across. Unfortunately, not all companies offer the same high quality service and therefore it’s important to consider your options carefully before hiring. A good idea is to use the Internet to find online reviews of tree surgeons in your area.

This is a great way to find a tree surgeon who’s able to provide a first class service is your local area. One highly regarded company is Red Squirrel Tree Surgery and is the best choice for domestic and commercial customers.   This in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham.

A Service Tailored to your Needs.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery has a great reputation throughout the capital and has a robust client base that continues to grow. The company can provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you need tree pruning, felling planting, tree stump removal or hedge trimming, the team is on hand to help. What makes Red Squirrel different from other companies of its kind.   It possesses a genuine passion for the work it carries out and this shines through the service it provides. To learn more about Red Squirrel visit the website now.

Tree Companies in Chelsea – 27th April 2014

Looking for a good tree care company in London isn’t easy. Sadly, it isn’t a simple case of hiring the first company that you come across. As with all services, not all companies can be relied up on to provide a quality service that doesn’t cost the earth. When choosing a tree company, it’s a good idea to ask friends and relatives if they can recommend anyone.

A personal recommendation is invaluable and can really help you ensure that you choose a reliable company. Many people in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham hire Red Squirrel Tree Surgery.   We are a London based tree company with an robust reputation throughout the capital.

An Exceptional Tree Care Service.

It’s important that you choose a skilled arborist who has worked in the profession for many years. Red Squirrel Tree Surgery has 12 years of experience as a professional tree care company.  In that time has carried out an array of tree care tasks. The team are able to deal with every aspect of tree surgery, including tree pruning, tree felling and tree stump removal. The company also offers a tree planting service as well as a swing installation service. To learn more about Red Squirrel Tree Surgery and its services visit the website.

Tree Companies in Ealing – 13th April 2014

When you need the services of a tree surgeon it’s important to check your options before jumping in and hiring the first company that you come across. There are a number of tree companies in London, however, not all offer the same high-quality service. It’s important do your homework in order to find a tree company that’s reliable and employs only fully qualified and experienced professionals.

One such company is Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. Serving both private and commercial clients in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham.  This company can be relied upon to provide an great service every time.

Professional Tree Care Services.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery offer a wide range of tree care services, including tree pruning, tree felling, stump removal and hedge trimming. Fletcher and his team have a wealth of experience in the field of tree care.   Thus ensuring that they’re best placed to carry out any task to the highest of standards. The team always ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished job and offer a high level of after-care. To learn more about Red Squirrel Tree Surgery visit the website today or to speak to one of the team call 0203 509 0108.

Tree Surgery in Chiswick – 30th March 2014

Looking for a West London tree surgeon? Then Red Squirrel Tree Surgery may well be for you. Having worked in arboriculture for many years,  fully-trained professionals at Red Squirrel are familiar with everything.  They are able to work on projects both big and small.

All work is carried out to British standards (BS3998) and all health and safety standards are adhered to completely, every time. The team have attracted glowing reviews from business and domestic customers alike over the years.  They are able to offer an affordable service which makes no compromises when it comes to quality and integrity.

Safe, Efficient and Affordable.

Red Squirrel has become a true word-of-mouth service.  With many new customers approaching the company after receiving recommendations from friends, associates and family members. Why not get in touch today if you’re looking for tree surgery in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond or Twickenham?

The company also hold a £5 million public liability licence insurance policy – though safety standards are nothing less than robust. Call Red Squirrel today for help with any tree related matter. Head to the website for more information on their tree surgery services.

Reliable Tree Companies in West London – 16th March 2014

Looking for a tree surgeon in West London? Then you need to ensure that the company you choose is experienced and fully-qualified. Not all arborists possess the skill and experience needed to carry out your project to the highest of standards.  So it’s important to do your homework in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many homeowners in London hire Red Squirrel Tree Surgery – an established tree care company renowned for offering a reliable and affordable service.

A Wealth of Experience at Hand.

Experience is key when it comes to offering a first-class tree care service. Fortunately, the team at Red Squirrel have it in abundance and have been serving both private and commercial customers throughout London for over 12 years. The company is very well-regarded in and around the capital and has an excellent reputation.

This is demonstrated by the fact that much of its business is won as a result of personal recommendations and repeat custom. So whether you’re in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham or anywhere else in London, why not visit the website to find out more? Alternatively, to discuss your requirements with one of the team call 0203 509 0108.

Top London Tree Surgeons – 2nd March 2014

Are you looking for a fully trained arborist in West London? Then turn your attentions to Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. The company offers a wide range of services, including tree surgery, section felling, pruning, stump grinding, hedge trimming and tree dismantling. It also offers a contract maintenance service for private and commercial customers who wish to use its service on a regular basis. The Red Squirrel team has dealt with every aspect of tree surgery, ensuring it is best-placed to provide the service that you need.

A Reputable, Reliable Company.

It’s so important when you’re looking for an experienced tree surgeon that you explore your options before hiring a company. There are a number of tree surgeons in West London but it’s crucial that you do your homework in order to separate the chaff from the crop.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery is one of the highest-regarded companies in the capital and has an enviable reputation in its field. It has clients in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham. The company carries out all work its British standards and meets all health and safety laws and regulations. To learn more about Red Squirrel visit the website today.

Tree Companies Twickenham – 16th February 2014

When you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Twickenham look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. Red Squirrel is one of the highest-regarded tree companies in the West London area.  We have received excellent feedback from customers who have been impressed with the work carried out.

The company has an average 9.7 out of 10 score on, which shows a high level of customer satisfaction and plenty of top reviews on its own website. It’s so important to thoroughly check out a company before hiring them and online reviews is the ideal way to do this.

Experienced and Fully-Qualified Arborists.
When you hire Red Squirrel to carry out tree surgery either at your home or business premises, you can rest-assured that only the highest standard of workmanship will be carried out. The company’s team of arborists have worked in the field for many years and have a wealth of experience at hand. So whether you require tree felling, tree stump removal, tree pruning or even tree planting, the team are on hand to help. If you’re in Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond or Twickenham.

Read our Latest Tree Surgery London News here.

Tree Companies Chelsea – 2nd February 2014

Do you need to hire a tree surgeon? Then you need to research your options rather than hiring the first company that you come across. Tree surgeons advertise like any business, however, an advert is not a guarantee of safety or ability. To make sure that you hire the right tree surgeon, you need to ensure that they have enough insurance.  They should also have undergone the right training and obtained the right qualifications.

One such company operating in and around West London is Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. With 12 years of experience in the field, Red Squirrel are best-placed to provide you with professional tree care services.

Experienced and Fully Trained Arborists.

Red Squirrel tree surgeons are experienced and fully trained, ensuring that they are able to deal with any and every aspect of tree surgery. Trained to City and Guilds standard in arboriculture, the team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows them to carry out their work to British standards.

Whether you’re a private or commercial customer based in Hammersmith, Battersea, Wimbledon, Kingston, Richmond or Twickenham, get in touch today. To learn more about Red Squirrel Tree Surgery visit the website or to speak to one of the friendly team call 0203 509 0108.

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