Correct maintenance of trees is not a job that should be undertaken without experience from Pinner London Tree Surgeons . The correct training is needed for all tree works. Jobs such as felling can be highly dangerous and identifying and treating disease in a tree is a job for a qualified expert. If the trees at your propriety or business premises in Pinner needs attention then please contact us. The team at Red Squirrel Tree Surgery are there for your Tree Surgery in Pinner services . 

When you are looking for a trustworthy tree surgery company in Pinner, look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery.   We provide all aspects of tree care services to private and commercial clients throughout HA5. With over 12 years’ experience in arboriculture work we have the tree care expertise, experience and insurance needed to provide a first class tree surgery service. Whether it is tree pruning works, crown reduction, emergency tree works or straight tree felling works Red Squirrel are guaranteed to be best suited to meet every customer’s needs.

As a result of the team’s ability to deliver a first class service that shows real value for money Red Squirrel Tree Surgery always obtain top feedback from its clients. We believe that our customers deserve the best service possible at the most reasonable prices. This is why Red Squirrel keep prices as reasonable and honest as possible. 

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Tree Surgeons in Pinner

Are you looking for an experienced, qualified and trustworthy tree surgeon in HA5? Then look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery for all your arboriculture needs.

Based in London, our team of fully experienced, insured and qualified tree surgeons are fully capable. We are equipped to undertake every imaginable type of tree arboricultural work in and around London and Pinner.

Stump Grinding in Pinner

Tree stumps in your garden can be very unsightly and difficult to know how to deal with when they take up space.  Red Squirrel can remove a tree stump in and around the HA5 area. We are equipped with the latest model stump grinder, with which we will totally remove any tree stump by grinding it out with the stump grinders special tipped teeth.  When the work is complete we back fill the hole where the stump once was, using nutrients mulch. This can then be scattered around your garden borders or flower beds to promote growth of any plants, flowers and trees.  That space in your garden in Pinner where the stump was will be transformed and look the way you always wanted!

Tree Removal and Tree Felling in Pinner

When you contact Red Squirrel Tree Surgery we can provide a free quotation for any tree surgery works within an hour of you contacting us. You will then be booked in at your convenience for your tree planting works, tree felling, tree pruning, hedge trimming or emergency works in the HA5 area.  You are safe in the knowledge that we also will deal with all of the required communicating with local authorities. This is free of charge for your piece of mind.  Whatever arboriculture work is required we will use the required safe rigging and lowering rope equipment.  Therefore you can be ensured that we will carry out the work according to British standards.  

Tree Pruning in Pinner

For any species of tree that you may need pruning, you can be safe in the knowledge, this is a day to day and common job for Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. We have lots experience with trees that we have pruned in HA5.  Each tree is assessed uniquely and pruned according to its requirements and species. You can be assured that we remove any suppressed, dead, crossing branches or damaged branches. This makes sure that your trees remain growing as strong as possible and look beautiful.

We deal with all types of leaves, flowers, fruit or seeds bearing trees.