Kingston upon Thames

Are you looking for a fully trained arborist in West London? Then turn your attentions to Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. We offer a wide range of services, including tree surgery, section felling, pruning, stump grinding, hedge trimming and tree dismantling. We also offer a contract maintenance service for private and commercial customers who wish to use our service on a regular basis. Our team has dealt with every aspect of tree surgery, ensuring we are best-placed to provide the service that you need.

When you are looking for a trustworthy arboriculture company in Kingston upon Thames, look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery. We provide all types of tree care services to private and commercial clients throughout KT1. With over 12 years’ experience in tree surgery work we possess the tree care knowledge, qualifications and experience you need.  This way we provide the best tree surgery service. Whether it is tree swings, pollarding, contract maintenance or tree felling works our company are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Red Squirrel Tree Surgery consistently gains top feedback from its clients.  This is as a result of the team’s ability to deliver the best service that represents great value for money its clients. We believe that our customers deserve the best possible service at the most competitive prices. This is why we strive to keep our prices as affordable and realistic as possible. To learn more about Red Squirrel or to discuss your requirements with one of the friendly team please contact us.

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Tree Surgeons in Kingston upon Thames

Are you looking for a established, experienced and insured tree surgeon in KT1? Then look no further than Red Squirrel Tree Surgery for everything you might need.

Based in London, our team of fully insured, experienced  and qualified tree arboriculturists are fully experienced and equipped to tackle every imaginable type of tree surgery work in and around West and South London.

Stump Grinding in Kingston upon Thames

Tree stumps in your garden can be very unsightly especially when they take up space you need for other things. So if you want to get rid of one Red Squirrel can remove it in and around the KT1 area. We are equipped with the latest model stump grinder, with which we will totally remove any tree stump by grinding it out with the stump grinders special tipped teeth.  Once this has been done we back fill the hole where the stump once was, using nutrients mulch. This mulch can then be put around your garden borders or beds to help promote growth of plants, trees and flowers.  That area of the garden where the stump once will be transformed into a beautiful sight.

Tree Removal and Tree Felling in Kingston upon Thames

If you contact Red Squirrel Tree Surgery we can provide a free estimate for any tree works within an hour of contacting us.  You will then be booked in at your convenience for your tree planting, pollarding, tree swings, pruning, crown removal or emergency works in the KT1 area.  You have the piece of mind that we also will handle all of the needed communication with local authorities. This is done free of charge for your convenience.  Whatever arboriculture work is needed we will use required and safe rigging and lowering rope equipment and you know that we will carry out the work according to British standards.  

Tree Pruning in Kingston upon Thames

For any type of tree that you need pruning, you can be assured, this is an every day job for Red Squirrel Tree Surgery, we have lots of experience with trees that we have pruned in KT1.  Each tree is individually surveyed and pruned according to its needs and species. You have the knowledge that we remove any dead, suppressed, crossing branches or damaged branches. This ensures that your trees remain growing healthy and look their best.

We deal with all species of trees whether they have fruit, leaves and flowers or seeds.