Crown Reduction of Lombardi Poplar Trees

Job description:

Row of 16x Lombardi poplars, to crown reduce by 30% and shape:

We put two of our teams and a 20m cherry picker on this job because of the size of it, we wanted to be out of there as promptly as possible therefore causing minimal disturbance to the clients and tenants.

We created a new height for these trees and all of them were exactly the same height after we had finished.

The reason for doing so, was to reduce the amount of wind resistance that the trees would endure, as Lombardi poplars are well known for being very shallow rooted and prone to a wide variety of diseases. These trees also bordered a children’s playing field therefore the risk assessment that Red Squirrel Tree Surgery carried out, identified a very high risk of some of the trees blowing over in the direction of the children’s playing fields.

The trees are now safe and so are the people who live, play and work beneath,

Another job well done.   

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